5 steps that could fund your film.

Remember, there are no rules to funding a feature film and creative ways are coming up every day. These steps may help guide you as they have me.

1. GOT TALENT? USE IT. This is a creative business and if you have a hope in hell of being moderately successful, you better be creative. Apply this to your funding methods and you’ll be surprised at how well people respond.

2. DELEGATE. You can’t do everything yourself. Even if you try, it will hurt your efforts.

3. HAVE A SOLID BUSINESS PLAN. No one is simply going to give you the type of money a film requires unless they know you’ve got a plan to make the movie AND distribute it.

4. BE PREPARED TO PITCH . You never know who you’ll wind up talking to so know your sales pitch because you’d be surprised who you’ll be sitting beside in a restaurant, at they gym or on a plane. And pitch someone as aggressively for $100 as you would $100,000. Every penny counts.

5. PERSEVERANCE. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and you are going to have to find something that keeps you going. Hopefully it’s your desire to tell the story of your film.

Figure out what works for you, fine tune it and get out there. There is always money for a good project. I hope you find your’s.


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